I'm Angelica Alberto.
Birthday is on March 31st.
I really like cookies.
I'm a really awks person.
Kbai (----:

Hey guys, I’m doing commissions!!!!! I need money for this trip to WASHINGTON DC and I dont want to make my parents spend that much money on something they’re not even going to go on so I figured hey, why not help them pay for it?!
So I’m doing ADVENTURE TIME commissions because thats what I can draw best! The prices are fairly cheap and if you have been sending me requests that I never got to do, NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOUR BRILLIANT IDEA TO SHINE!
Contact me via tumblr message and we can talk from there!

TWO CHARACTERS: $10, +$5 for every extra character
ICONS: $3!

Unfortunately I don’t have paypal or whatever so I’m going to have to ask that you  pay me via snail mail :U I’ll love you guys forever if you commission me! I’m only doing a limited amount of commissions too, so please if you can, reblog to spread the word!